Saturday, September 28, 2013

iTunes v Google Music pricing

This week I bought 2 albums via Google Music, both albums cost only £4.99 each.

Arctic Monkeys - AM
Kings of Leon - Mechanical Bull

A quick search on the web shows that poor iTunes Apple folk get ripped off for the same music and have more restrictions in place...

The Arctic Monkeys album is listed as £7.99 on iTunes.

Kings of Leon - Mechanical Bull ,  £8.99, £10.99 is you go for the Deluxe version which has a massive 2 extra tracks on it.

That's a massive £5 extra for the same media, a 50% premium.

Even with iTunes you're paying a whopping £2 extra for 2 songs @ £1.00 each, but you can buy them individually for £0.99?

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