Friday, August 09, 2013

Virgin Media service status - Regular service drop outs

"Area" problems again, now the fourth time in just over a month.

I lost connectivity on the 1 August 2013. When I phoned to complain to customer services I received an email the following day warning me about my 'excessive' usage. A thinly veiled warning of some sorts, so be wary of complaining about service that keeps dropping off.

9 August 2013 at ~16:30, service drops offline again - intermittent reconnects.

Now this is not a cheap service, I pay nearly £30 for their second tier 60Mb service, which for a very long time has been an outstanding service.

Interesting that when I got the letter informing me of the price increase in November 2012 they were boldly stating Unlimited Downloads* - "Download as much as you fancy with no hidden charges" (bandwidth shaping applies during peak time, which I'm aware of and happy with).

"We've noticed that you enjoy being online, especially in the evening. So here are some useful tips, to help you get the most out of your service"

I wonder if I will get another email tomorrow from the 'security' team 'advising' me that I'm an enthusiastic user?

edit: Update - again another service disruption on 12 August from ~18:30 to after 20:00, another fault logged.

That is now the third recorded outage for August alone.

edit: Update - Outage number four. 16 August 2013 - started around 06:30 am, finally resolved properly around 18:30 in the evening.

edit: Update -  Outage number five. 21 August 2013 - ~18:30 in the evening. Intermittent connection. time-out and drop out on all web surfing. At around 19:00 it dropped off completely. Once again called, now told that they've identified the faulty cable and it's will be intermittent until the get it fixed on the 27 August. So another week of shyte service that has now taken over 6 weeks to rectify.

edit: Update - 05:10am no service.

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