Monday, June 27, 2011

Microsoft driving me around the bend!!!

Microsoft, how are we supposed to Evaluate your Forefront 2012 Beta offering if we can't even get the Pre-Reqs to install?

2 whole days wasted, despite the installers pointing to the the Correct SQL 2008 Express SP1 download and installation and after installing KB977443 the installer for

Brand new 2008 R2 server install.
Clean SQL Express 2008 R1 x64 install. (104 MB download)
Patches - KB977443 roll-up (x64) installed. (234 MB patch download for a 104 MB install?)

ConfigMgr_2012_Beta2_ENU_7561 (1.4 GB download) won't install saying the SQL version is wrong. I can't installed FEP 2012 without ConfigMgr_2012_Beta2_ENU_7561 but I can't do that because the pre-req test are flawed and fucked up!


what an utterly fruitless and pointless waste of time.

Ah but despite the installer telling me I need the Cumulative SQL Patch update from KB977443, there's a shitty little clue saying it must be Cumulative Patch #10.

That to is not simple to find, requires an e-mail before being sent the link to another 241 MB download...

Despite that install it still fails with SQL version errors, then there's the BITS errors which appear to be false positives.

Fuck this for a bloody waste of time. MS Fail big time!

edit: Update 2 and 1/2 full days later I have FEP2012 installed! Completed Successfully, myriad of SQL Express 2008 SP1 problematic hoops have been jumped through.

Now the big question, how do I run it?

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