Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blackberry Playbook 32GB first impressions

We received our new Blackberry Playbook 32GB, Wifi only, this morning and these are my first impressions on it so far.

Our corporate network requires user authentication to gain internet access. After connecting the Wifi network without a problem I proceeded to run through the set-up. Since the unit could not see the internet I was unable to set the clock to update automatically, not a huge problem, lets carry on.

Next was the bugger, to Accept the EULA it needs to download from the internet the appropriate language/agreement for the country. Unfortunately the drop down box is blank as a result. I could therefore not agree/dis agree.

So the easiest way around this would be to assign the unit a a static IP that does not require authentication. FAIL, you cannot set static IP address.

So I ended up having to ID the unit on the DHCP and reserve and IP that is allowed to see the internet without authentication.

After 10 minutes of setting this up I was then able to accept the EULA.

Next was to set-up a Blackberry ID. fair enough but a bit annoy is you're going to be deploying a number of these units in a corporate environment to users who have already used their work email address to register on their existing blackberry units. Luckily in this case the end user had not already done so but I ended up having to choose a friendly name, password and security question for her...

Next it checks the internet for Software updates, the 1st one is only 323 MB in size and took a good 20 minutes to download. I guess a fair few number of people are doing this today on release day.

Reboot for update, boot time is slow, a good 2-3 minutes so far. So I'll talk about the packaging. Nice and Neat and the unit comes with e neoprene sock/glove.

After reboot it's time to set-up Blackberry Bridge, I assume this is the bit that tethers the Playbook with the Blackberry phone.

The phone needs to download software which is done via having to download it from Blackberry Appworld, the Playbook give a handy bar code to scan with the camera to make this simple.

In this case we are syncing with a 9700 that already has version 6 on the OS and Appworld installed.

First I needed to update Appworld on the phone and reboot it.

Blackberry Bridge using the barcode scanner again to authenticate and pair the devices via bluetooth. This failed on the first attempt wit the devices being about 10 centimetres apart.

Once paired it starts the tutorials.

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